Who We Are ?

We are a digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions, helping startups and enterprise clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey.

Our Mission

live and deliver wow digital experience and designs using latest technologies to startups and enterprises for transforming their business, achieve growth and enhance life of their customers and overall society Create culture that foster creativity, innovation and personal growth for our skilled team to perform at their best.

Our Vision

Enabling digital transformation for every enterprise, startup and consumer.



We aim for it, we strive for it & we always deliver it to our clients ,INNOVATION TECH works at the forefront of creative, innovative technology. We are thought leaders who create trends, not follow them!


We treat all partners, clients, suppliers and employees with the same respect; we want everyone involved in our business to always be happy, satisfied and enthusiastic.


Our greatest drive is passion for what we do and for a better future that we create together with our partners.


We never cut corners on this; we always deliver the best quality products and services without any compromise.

What We Do

How We Work

  • Ideas for Problems

    from the very first moment a client has contracted our services, we will do our best to get to understand what his needs are. In fact, we will go even further than that: we will research the entire market in order to see what our client needs to measure up against and then we will help him stand out from the crowd. A dedicated account manager along with an engineer will spend as much as time as needed with the client so that we are sure that we understood both the technical and the business aspects of the problem we need to tackle.

  • Proof of Concept

    this is where our team of superstar-engineers come into play. They take the data gathered in the previous phase and match it with their experience and expertise in order to come up with a proof of concept to present to the client. This is a team effort aimed at yielding innovative results. With every project, our main goal is to provide clients with a cutting-edge technical solution, one that can help their business thrive.

  • Solution

    after the client has approved our proof of concept, we move on to turning it into an actual solution for his business. This is another opportunity for our engineers to shine, as we know that flawless implementation is just as important as an excellent proof of concept. This is why we will never consider a project completed until every possible test has been performed and we are absolutely sure that our solution is impeccable. Furthermore, we will even take the time to “test drive” our solution along with the client and offer tutorials to the clients’ team (if needed).

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